I have, in the past, had difficulty following through with things. I dropped out of high school, and still have not really dedicated myself to higher education except in fits and spurts. I used to pick up hobbies or skills under the ruse of becoming a Renaissance man, only to quit when it got hard or over-consumptive of resources, which resulted in being a mediocre dabbler in a lot of things. I disliked that about myself, and it’s something I’ll likely be writing about again. So, here goes:

I learned to be a man/father/husband from all the wrong people. I learned to be a man from my mother, Tupac Shakur, my lowlife friends, my youth pastors, fictional characters, and lastly, my dad. My mom was great, but wasn’t strict enough with me and was ill-equipped and over-burdened to shepherd me toward being a man.  But this blog isn’t just about my past, this is about me, us, now, and the man I am becoming.  I hope to reach a community of men to share advice and communicate. There’s nothing un-manly about wanting to do something as best as you can. Please join me.


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