Happy New Year

I don’t really do New Years resolutions. I do a list on my birthday of goals and ideas for the year, with the number of goals matching my age. New Years is an opportunity for me to review and rework my short, medium, and long term goals. I can see if they are still important to me and if I have been taking the baby steps needed to make it happen. I’m not going to share my entire list, as some are personal (as one would imagine personal goals often are) but some of the objectives have been checked off as “done”, while others are “dumb” or unreasonable/unnecessary.

One of my goals was to write more, and another was to start blogging again. It seems I’ve done that.
In other news, last year wasn’t awful, this year will bring a lot of changes, and I’m looking forward to all of it. I have a lot of adventures planned, and I will risk being fully alive through them, as well as the unplanned expeditions and quests that unroll before me.
Thank you for your readership. I know there are a few of you who read every post, and looky-loos who browse occasionally, and people who stumble across and never come back, and I am grateful for you all. Let’s beat this year up.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. David, I am really enjoying your blogging! Thanks for sharing you with us and in particular me. Although physically we are many many miles apart, it makes me feel for that brief moment that we are at the kitchen table having a wonderful conversation! Again, thank you sweetheart!


  2. Aunt Mary,

    Thank you very much. I blogged before, but it is hard to stay focused. After the first month or so, I'm going to tighten the net and figure out my “branding”, exactly what I am writing about, and how to tie it all together.


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