I’ve never played a sport other than for recreation. April 14th marks 3 years of practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I’m ready to compete.  I’ve toyed with it before, but something just clicked in me today, an overwhelming feeling of  “I need this in my life”.  I’m ready to put it on the line and taste victory or defeat with my team.  I’m a blue belt for crying out loud: I should have been doing this for a while now.

I’m emotionally ready.  Now I have 10 weeks to make sure I’m psychologically and physically ready.  I think that the psychological part will be toughest for me. I like to be really (too) relaxed when I roll, and I’m not as assertive as I would like on the mat.

I’ll be competing in either June or August, depending on when we take our vacation.

I’ve found the following resources:

I’ll be working with my Professor and team, and working with fitness professionals.  I’m reading books and soliciting advice, but I know nothing is substitution for doing it.  I’ve never competed in anything physical- not even youth soccer. I’m not worried about losing or getting hurt, and I want to see what I do when the pressure is on.

I’m excited.

And if you ask “aren’t there more important things for you to be worrying about?

I will respond thusly: you’re damned right there is.


I am sick of being a victim of circumstances and having really good reasons to let life pass me by.

So I will fight alongside my tribe, and whatever happens, I will have my mettle tested.

I’m excited.  I hope I can sustain this.


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