One month out


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So today is one month out from my first jiu jitsu competition. When I first decided I was doing it, I was fired up.  I still am very excited.  I don’t feel I have done everything I could/should have been doing, but that’s ok.  I’m learning that much of this isn’t just motivation, but time management. I enjoy learning new skills, and the prioritization of this comp has drawn out a lot of interesting things in me.

Nutrition:  I’ve cut carbs and cleaned it up a lot. Not perfect, but I don’t almost faint at the end of classOne of my biggest non-value added sources of crap is sugar in my coffee.  I can drink it unsweetened, but to be perfectly honest,  I’m not as dogmatic and disciplined as I would like to be at 4:40am, EST. I drank tea for a week instead, and it was ok, but I was super melancholy .  I don’t like being beholden to a substance, but my relationship with coffee is weird and long-term.

Fitness:  I went to a physical therapist for a core strengthening regimen to help ease my lower back pain.  It’s worked.  I’ve also been doing Ken Primola’s 101 BJJ Abs program, and working with a suspension trainer and kettlebell at home.  I’d like to work in more lifting- I did W4SB for about a week and a half, but really didn’t enjoy it, and I’m not a SB, nor is the workout to make me a SB.  I love oly lifts, esp the deadlift, which I’ve modified to a low platform pull because of my ongoing back injury, but I think I should be stable enough to pull and press to my heart’s content soon. Look, I’m a Bonus Sized man. My rashguards will always look like they’re going to burst, but I’ve lost 8lbs and my guard (when I can recover it) is a lot stronger.   I’d like to work in more ginastica natural.

Mental:  Reading books, visualizing my go-to attacks. Being very calm while rolling.   I think too calm.  If I don’t take being submitted as a threat, I won;t work had enough to prevent it.  I think the actual competition will do much of this for me, and for  my next comp, I will be more experienced and prepared.

BJJ:  By adding both an hour-long training session on Wednesdays at noon and attending competition team training and open mat on Saturdays, my training time has gone from 1hr/week  (3hrs if coaching is counted) to 3.5hrs mat time (5.5 w/ coaching).  That’s an increase of 83.3%(!)  In addition to quantity, I have upped the quality of my training.  Visualization has helped, but I really need more assertiveness/aggression. I really only tend to crash through and impose my game when the timer is down- which seems more an act of desperation than anything else.  I don’t like that.  I need to make sure I get the grips and positions I want. My schedule is what it is, and I have to outsmart it in order to get the results I want. I’ve shuffled some things around so that I’m able to train on a more consistent basis with training partners more experienced than I, and it has shown.

Consistent- this word is hurty.  No matter how much I scheme and plot to get training time in something always happens.  I have a child in the hospital as I type this right now.  This will lead to me losing some training opportunities, and I am not happy about it, but I accept that. I will be inconsistent in my training attendance. I’m not making excuses, being a good father and husband is more important to me than jiu jitsu, or money, or the military.  I’m not willing to say that what I want is more important than my family, and this is one of the myriad reasons I’m not going to win a world title any time soon.  Jiu Jitsu is very important to me, and I deserve to experience nice things, especially if I have put in the work to earn it.   I should have a hobby or pursuit I enjoy, and BJJ happens to be fun,  encourage healthy living, and is highly social. That being said- there is never a good time to do anything! There’s never a good time to have the flu or a flat tire, but I will not let inertia or circumstance keep me from trying to carve out the life I desire.  I have been growing from being a lifelong excuse-maker, and I’m not doing it anymore.  I’m not going to be a people pleaser. My life is messy and I have to work around it, and I understand that.

I’m progressing ok on my BJJ goals, but some of them have been modified because they were 1) unrealsitic, and 2) just plain not right for me.

So…I’m not scared of losing.  I’m not worried about poorly representing my academy.  I know that when I’m on the mat on June 21st squared up to my opponents, that I will keep the spirit, and have the strategy of a rat’s head and an ox’s neck.  I will fight well, and I may lose, but I will have gotten up off the couch and outside my excuses and my comfort zone, and for me, that will be excellent.  I am the same age Bruce Lee was when he died. I can do this.


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