We are at the middle point of our roadtrip, which I’ve dubbed “Utah, Ho! 2014”. We drove from Hampton, VA to Coleman TX. Next week we will sojourn North to Utah.

We didn’t stop to take photos, we’re on a mission. I towed a u-haul trailer with our Mazda 5. It was ridiculous getting everything situated, but 1) I don’t deel like complaining and 2) I don’t think I want to write that kind of blog. We drove easy miles, towing was easier than I thought, and since the trailer took up my blind spot, I could change lanes using just my side mirrors. Some of our hotel stays were AWFUL, but see #1 and 2 above. Lots of coffee was consumed and we tried to listen to regionally-appropriate music.

It’s nice to spend time with family, to go a few days without shaving. I’m trying to be in the moment and not be obsessively taking pictures of my food. We did, however, spend half an hour trying to get a pic of my mother-in-law’s French Bulldog, Louis, wearing a sombrero.


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