West Valley City

I think I’m adjusting well to work- my position at my new office is less prestigious than my previous job, but it’s appropriate, considering seniority. I’m a professional. Sometimes it’s my role to step up, sometimes to fall back. I gave a big speech yesterday about fixing some of the organizational shortcomings I’ve seen, and a plan forward. Subordinates were empowered to affect change at their levels, and assures their concerns would be addressed. I think it went well, and that I’m going to do a good job of leading my people.

Off-work, though, is a swirling miasma.

I We thought things would change once we got to Utah- that we’d no longer feel as we were i a preparatory holding panel, that we were carpeing the diem and all that jazz. That simply hasn’t been the case. It feels like we don’ have much of a routine outside of my work schedule, the kid’s appetites, and our circadian rhythms.

We have an amazing living arrangement, where we are able to stay somewhere fantastic–for free–until we close on our house (which is a whole ‘nother thing in itself), but it’s not ours.

The last 15 years or so have been semi-nomadic for me. My sense of home has changed, and isn’t necessarily tethered to a physical place.

However, I find it still seems to butt up against my illusions of control when Paloma has a seizure during what I thing should be a safe, off-limits time, like the other day, when she began seizing violently right after I got home from work and declared myself to be exhausted. She’d had a big one a week prior that resulted to her being helicoptered from Ogden to SLC. 
The Doctors have been great so far, but it’s still not fun.

On Saturday we had to go to West Valley City to pick up medicine our local pharmacy didn’t have in stock. It wasn’t an incredibly long drive, in fact, it was kind of nice. We have a really good community radio station (KCRL 90.9), it was overcast and rainy, we had coffee. Easy drive. As we were leaving, we saw that gas was $2.87, and there was a “Hot Dog House” across Der Wienerschnitzel. The Cure’s “Fascination Street” was on the radio, and I saw a Nova Uniao sticker on a jeep.

That moment was home. I’m hoping I can foster that more frequently, and if they can happen in our house, fantastic.

This blog is coming up on its anniversary, and I have something planned. Please stay tuned.

A question in parting: What defines home for you? Has it evolved over time/distance?


One thought on “West Valley City

  1. Great read once again Brother. I love how even in the mist of all the chaos and pain, you are able to find the positives. I feel like home is anywhere your spirit feels at peace. Home for me has evolved because when I was younger I only would think about physical locations that I was familiar with that sparked a warm memory. But, now I think in the terms of spirituality. So, wherever my soul feels at ease is home.


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