We had a mild winter in Utah, and it seems the season is changing. It was quite cold at times, but very little snow. I noticed a fly a few days ago, and I have to take off my thermal baselayers around 10am.  It’s been t-shirt weather lately, and I have enough outdoor jobs to make sure I get to experience the sun and warmth.

I was cleaning up my yard, and the neighbor came over and introduced herself. I asked her how long she’d lived in the area, and she replied “fine, thanks….I don’t have my hearing aide in, so I probably answered that wrong”. Se asked my name, and I said “David”. She said “I have a son named David, he turned 70 yesterday”. Because she was like a thousand years old.

Spring is not my favorite season, but Primavera is one of my favorite movements of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and I like pasta primavera.

Still, I am ready for progression. I seem to have been clad in inertia for more than a year, and I want to shake it off like a wolf shedding its winter’s coat.

Lindsay and I did yoga together the other day for the first time in years. It was great- a short session  (with the kids screaming the entire time), but the sunlight poured in as we worked through our poses. It was a special moment.

There are uglier moments, to be sure, but I’m specifically choosing to not focus on them.

I’ve been studying for a test the past few months, during which time I haven’t read. I have books waiting for me. I just bought myself one of my favorite poetry books- Pablo Neruda’s Residencia en la tierre. I’ve never owned it, but I’ve borrowed it at least 10 times from libraries since I fell in love with it when I was 16. It will be a special treat.

I have some adventures coming up, which, for most of you, will be a surprise. I’m going to be getting WAY out of my comfort zone, “bucket list” types of things, and I am looking forward to chronicling them here.

A huge part of culture is storytelling, and it’s difficult to make a compelling story out of “I did the same crap forever and I hated it and then I just died”. I’ve had an interesting life, and had accomplished many goals by the time I was 18.

Still, I want better stories.


3 thoughts on “Spring

  1. So first, your neighbour sounds like she could be a hoot. I hope. 🙂 Second, I’m SO happy you and Lindsay were able to take some time to do something you both love together! So essential. And third, I’m beyond excited to read about your bucket list accomplishments!!! Those will definitely make for some fun stories!


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