Most bjj academies pride themselves on their professionalism, and wouldn’t tolerate untoward behavior, such as inappropriate remarks about another student’s body or physical contact outside the stated objectives of the lesson. I’ve been to gyms that have a swear jar.

Unfortunately, moral/ethical behavior not always a universal value, and there are always those who take advantage of others, such as the case of Lloyd Irvin (trigger warning-descriptive/graphic language used in discussing sexual assaults).

I find it disgusting to have predators in our small community, which is supposedly predicated on trust and honor. I would urge anyone thinking of starting to patronize any yoga studio, martial arts school, or gym to do their homework, and really find out what kind of people you’re going to be around, especially if enrolling children.

It is especially twisted that BJJ, a powerful defense against sexual assault, is used as a weapon of opportunity through which those vile crimes are perpetrated

Defense should not be the focus in sexual assault-it should never have to be considered. I don’t mean that victims should “never let themselves be in a situation to become a target”, but that PEOPLE SHOULD NOT RAPE.


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