I’m taking a break from facebook. It is at my wife’s suggestion, and her reasoning is rock-solid: facebook is a timesuck.

Maybe if I weren’t always on it, I could spend more time doing more important things. Also, I post a lot of jokes, the corny kind your uncle would like. These sometimes just pop into my head, and sometimes they are handwritten and revised several times. I can better use this creative energy on my blog, or on my other writing, which I have not spent enough time on.

I had a stimulating conversation with a cab driver the other day. He was Colombian, and thought I was too. We talked about poetry and novels. I told him how I want to learn Spanish so I can read Neruda. He gave me the names of some of his favorite writers. We talked about peace and nationalism. We talked about colonialism. I feel we really connected. We hugged afterward. I don’t have good conversations very often, and although I am much more of an introvert than I would like, these moments refill my well.

Speaking of novels, I’ve found the first one i want to market as an e-book. A good version of it doesn’t currently exist, it’s public domain, it has never been popular in the US, and the writer was a very interesting man. There was also never a great translation from the author’s tongue to English. It was translated to Spanish, then English, and over a hundred years ago. Id love to have it retranslated, but I’m going to keep it simple for now. A great biography doesn’t exist about him, either, or his wife, for that matter. They were both excellent people, and a graphic novel about them would be totally appropriate. That, however, is outside my scope at the moment. I’m dreaming big, but I know that is something I can’t do yet. Perhaps someday.

I listened to the Audible version of Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please”. It’s great! Profane, but appropriately so, funny, insightful, smart. She talks about writing the book, writing screenplays and comedy bits. She talks about parenthood and friendship. It has been inspiring to me.

I’m enjoying this break. I thought it would make me agitated, or feel I was missing out. My life often feels like a flan that never settles and solidifies, that I’m in a perpetual state of eggy mess. Any reduction of messiness, even temporary and self-imposed is a welcome respite.

What can you change to be a little less messy, happier, and have more time?


One thought on “Break

  1. I was hardly on Facebook while my mum was visiting for three weeks, and though I did pop on daily, I didn’t have it constantly in my, well, face (no pun intended…well, maybe). It was actually SO good for me! No anxiety, and though I read less because my mum was here, I had more…face-time, if you will, with my family. (Apparently FB makes me very punny.)

    I’m happy you’re taking a break and looking up at the world and being refreshed! If it weren’t for my friends up in BC and my author friends, I would be making a FB exit. But I do plan on cutting back my FB time, and deleting the app from my phone. (What a relief that will be!)


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