I drew a webcomic called “Allergic2Umbrellas” from 2004-2006. It was still the early days of the medium, and it seemed cartoonists were creating interesting content. They were breaking the conventions of traditional newspaper comic strip format, and using the “infinite canvas” of the internet to expand 2-dimensional sequential art to something more interesting. I’ve never drawn particularly well, but didn’t let that stop me. It was a rewarding, artistically fulfilling project. Webcomics seemed a logical progression from zines.

However, running the project time-consuming, techy, and hard. I eventually stopped updating the site in September of 2006. I felt pigeonholed by the premise, and my comics became mean-spirited. I was also dissuaded by peers skyrocketing to (relative) success while I toiled in obscurity. I was in my mid 20’s, and still had a lot  of dude ego.


I just discovered my graphics tablet is compatible with the tablet pc I usually use for writing. This is exciting- I have wanted to incorporate a bit more art and design in to my blog, but haven’t found an appropriate way to do it. I’ve axed ideas before because they weren’t “on-brand”, which has been mostly biographical/confessional writing, topical essays/articles, and fiction. I can do reviews, tutorials, interviews, whatever I want. I can still play with the infinite canvas, or as I did in the cartoon below, with Chinese ink brushes.

totally rocking out

Also, I still really really really like Madonna.


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