I can help

I consciously decided to not hide my struggles with anxiety and depression. I want mental health, in particular, seeking help for mental health issues, especially among men, to be destigmatized. I’m still fighting, but I might be one step ahead on my journey to wellness and resilience than some people-and thit might be enough to make a difference.

Of  course, me coming forward on my blog wouldn’t do as much as, say George Clooney or Randy Couture having the same conversation, but I’ll do what I can.

What I’ve learned is I can be of use, connecting people to resources, and listening. Do I want strangers to contact me and unload on me? Not really. It’s hard to listen to someone else’s suffering and not take it in. I’m not a trained professional, I don’t have the ability to both empathize and compartmentalize. For a friend, though, I’d go to the ends of the Earth.

A few friends have reached out to me-we talked about my struggles and theirs. In a few cases, our relationships didn’t really have this dynamic before. It was encouraging to discover I have become resilient enough to handle this, that I am a sort of mental illness warrior bodhisattva. I’m glad for it- I need dudes to talk to. We talk about career stress, fatherhood, depression. We talk about art and music and motorcycles and cagefighting. We attempt to close the distance that at first is a comforting insulation, and morphs into a dark and funky isolation.

Connect with someone, preferably someone you can meet face-to-face. Get professional help. Whatever you do, don’t to get through it on your own. It may be to handle, and you may not be thinking clearly. If you have no one, you can talk to me.

Today is Suicide Prevention day. Please take a moment to visit http://www.afsp.org/.


One thought on “I can help

  1. Hi David!

    Once again I am so proud of you! I too have spent most of my life battling clinical depression, and slowly (very slowly) learning and utilizing better and better ways of dealing with it. The most recent has proven for me to be the most effective yet! I scheduled a RESTORATIVE prayer session with a husband and wife team who are trained in facilitating this type of prayer. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done! Although healing will continue to be an on-going process for me. I am much closer to being whole now than I ever was before! Look into it and see if such a thing is available to you. If it is I strongly encourage you to do this. I love you!


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