Stepping my game up

After a nearly a year without consistent jiu jitsu instruction, I’m finally back on the mat. I’m working on my conditioning-grappling cardio is tough, and different from other kinds of fitness. I’ve started swimming to supplement everything else. Swimming makes my back feel great, too- hardly any  pain on some days. I’m also working on growing my repertoire of submissions and the tactics to get there.

My jiu jitsu has always lacked “fight”. My game is defensive, largely due to being stuck in side control bottom for like 3 years. I enjoy analyzing the chain of events that are to occur, so when I’m at a disadvantage, instead of fighting to fix it, I often go with it to see where it takes me. Currently, when matched with an equally-skilled or better opponent, I can slow them down and frustrate them, but I’m not dictating the pace or driving the action. I would like to continue to have a playful spirit when training, but I also want to have solid counterattacks and occasionally an attack of my own. I’d like to be more of a submission hunter. I don’t want to just play the game, I want to win. *puts on Ray-Bans*

I also just started Muay Thai, which has always frightened me. I am enjoying it, and in 6 months or so, I’d like to fight in a gym smoker. The coach is an older Thai gentleman, he just got back from Thailand. The class was small, but supportive. Good vibes.

In order to do these things well, I have to be well. I’ve been waking up early for the past year, some days as early as 4:15. I am not a morning person, so I need time to get started. I started getting up that early so I could read, work on some writing, and exercise before going to work. Honestly, though- I don’t do these things most days. Another driver for the early start was a 6:30 meeting I attended every morning. I would actually get to my desk at 6 sharp to review reports and emails likely to be referenced in the meeting. The meeting moved to 7:00.


I can better prepare myself if I sleep just a little more. Lately, I’ve been dozing off at work, and sometimes when driving home. This is no good, and unsustainable. I want to be alive, and sharp, and good at bjj and muay thai, so I’m going to sleep more. I think this will positively impact my mood and general health.

I’m stepping my game up. What can you do to step your game up?


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