Fierce Medicine



I picked up a book from the library-the same mountain trip I chronicled 2 posts ago. The book has been a partial impetus of my previous post, as well. This thing is eddying and rippling across me, and doing more than disturbing the surface. I’m not very far in to the book, but I’ve already purchased it from Amazon. I’ve never done that, but I know Ana T. Forrest‘s Fierce Medicine will be a book I revisit and consult all the time.

Both creative nonfiction/memoir and instructional yoga text, Fierce Medicine weaves in clear breakdowns of entry into common yoga asana and tales of Forrest’s broken home, early substance abuse, history as a horse-whisperer/juvenile delinquent, and eventually fleeing her crappy family for the Desert, horses, and yoga.

From the text (emphasis mine): “Pain, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, need not be a constant in your life. You can always choose to develop a different relationship to it, so if you cannot walk free of it completely, you can liberate yourself from the suffering you’ve attached to it. That is a walk of freedom.”

And here I am, strategizing my walk of freedom, trembling out the first fledgling steps. I need this book now, and I’ll need it longer than the 21 days the library allots me.





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