I’m posting everyday until Easter. This is in spite of work, school, family, not sleeping, and activities.

Of course, these won’t be the topical essays I used to write- I like those pieces, but they took a great deal of time to post. I’m choosing to force myself to write and post in spite of work, school, family, doing stuff, and not sleeping.

During roll call I told my guys I’m leaving the Air Fore, that I’d gotten a job, and was staying in the area (for now, inshallah). They applauded and congratulated me like a  scene from a movie.

When my life resembles a movie, it’s normally some stupid Ben Stiller movie, like the time a few months ago I somehow got both thumbs simultaneously, not on purpose caught in 2 separate rat traps. Applause by a crowd is a welcome change.

I still feel good about my choice to leave the military. I’ve wanted to for years, but never before have I had a solid exit strategy. It makes sense this time- we don’t have to move right away, we don’t totally hate where we are, my workplace is a drive, but manageable. The logistics aren’t daunting. Typically I have a sense of impending doom regarding major changes, and I am so overwhelmed with a massive to do list that I just have to lay on the floor. Not so this time. Again, welcome change.

I don’t typically write about politics/current events, but I am DISGUSTED by Donald Trump. I suppose his supporters think if Trumplestiltskin is elected, the ugly rhetoric, the sick ego, the talking about his dick (which is still hard to believe really happened) will go away, and he’ll be presidential, develop actual policy, and basically stop being Trump?

Reagan and the omnipresent, looming threat of nuclear war shaped the 80’s, and had a huge impact on the arts. One good thing about our volatile times is the interesting things people will create in response to this volatile, shitty age, where rhetoric, statesmanship, and civility, the marks of polity since Rome, have disappeared completely. I’m no Reagan fan, but at least he could string  together a senence. A few years ago, O’Malley and Kasich would have been just dandy opponents for an election cycle. Now they seem tepid next to booger-munching, pseudo-evangelical blobfish Cruz and the Orange Fascist. As much as I am an advocate for clearly demarcated separation of Church and State, these fools need them some Jesus.





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