I’ve wanted to start playing Go/Baduk for about 10 years. Since I’m in a season of actually doing things I want to do (how novel!), I decided to start learning the fundamentals of the game.

I did some google-fu, and found this guide from the British Go Association aimed at teaching the game to kids. I got lost on page seven, and didn’t realize it until page 8. I started over, and I think it makes a little more sense.

This seems to be how I learn (or mis-learn) things. A detail eludes me early on, and I form a misunderstanding of it, which leads to later relearning, after discovering I’m in over my head.

I know what you’re thinking- *eyeroll*, this post is about jiu jitsu, blah blah blah….not this time. I still love jiu jitsu very much, but not this time.

For too long I’ve had all my eggs in the wrong basket- the Air Force. I’ve sought meaning and significance from external sources, and it hasn’t been working out for me. If I think something is worthwhile, no matter what it is, and pursue it doggedly, then I will find meaning in it.

I am also committed to lifelong learning and making sure I integrate play into my life. I think something like Go can help.

Life is finite and precious, and I’d rather take bold risks, or even silly little ones, than talk myself out of doing anything. Failure is better than not trying, so I’m going to play an obscure, ancient Asian board game. In playing Go, I am going to go.

I used to play videogames. Not a lot- I’m impatient with them. If I turn a game on, and I’m not playing within 10 seconds, I’m done. If there are scenes where I can’t control the character because they’re talking, I’m done. I don’t have the time for that. I can read a good book for a better story, or go have a real adventure.

But that doesn’t mean others don’t see videogames as worthwhile or even beneficial, and they’re not wrong. It’s just not for me.

What about you? What’s something you’ve been meaning to do, but life got in the way? Maybe going back to school, learning languages, an epic bike trip you had planned?

What are you waiting for?

If you’re reading this, this is your sign. Now. Do it.





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