I had a writing epiphany. I’ve been working on 3 novels slower than a Mississippi tortoise, all the while learning how to write a novel. I realized they aren’t novels at all-they’re short stores. The stories, though about very different characters in different geographic settings and different kinds of stories, are interconnected by a common character. I had written him out of one story, as I thought the subplot he was in was too complicated (and, to be honest, too hard for me to write) but I’ll just have to do it differently. He fits neatly in all 3 worlds.

Also, I recently switched to Mac, and the workflow is just efficient and intuitive for me, even using applications I was familiar with on Windows-namely Evernote, Scrivener, and Word.

I’m not bragging, but this is exciting for me. As I’ve said before, I’m not a natural- I’m a grinder. It takes me a significant investment of time for me to build proficiency at anything. When I started writing, it was largely unfinished stories, typically handwritten. Enthusiasm and talent kept me going, and motivated me to go back to school for creative writing. Now I’m waking up early to write and doing school online at night, while married, raising 3 kids, and in the military (for a few more weeks). It’s tough at times, because I often feel like doing nothing as frequently as I can, which is rare. In fact, I’m going on a business trip next week, and I’m pretty stoked at the possibility of maybe taking a nap, and sleeping at least 5 hours consecutively at night.

Writing is difficult, but it’s not tarring roofs in Tuscon in July. Life is crazy, and always will be. If I wait until things are convenient, I’ll never start anything, let alone get anything done. So I’m going to keep working. I’m glad it’s been just a touch easier, and I’m grateful for Eureka! moments and productive sessions where I can write without editing or being interrupted every 45 seconds. This is the life I want to live.




2 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. Love, love, LOVE! Can’t wait to read your stories in print. Oh, and if you ever want his info, I have a PHENOMENAL freelance editor. He’s AH-mazing!!


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