Random things that make me emotional

I went to a spoken word/poetry event. We proposed and voted on a theme for the next week’s event. The theme was: “Random things that make me emotional.”

Because of real life, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it 2 weeks in a row, but I liked he prompt. I decided to do a freewheeling prose listicle, or what non-writers call a list.

  1. Ive only ever had 1 panic attack, which was in the drive in of a Panda Express in Hampton, Virginia. My family was changing their orders as I was speaking to a young lady through a surprisingly busted-ass intercom for a brand new building. She misheard everything I said, and tried to upset each item to a combo. The din battered my ears like deep turquoise waves pounding craggs at a Scottish shore. I clenched my jaw tight. I didn’t want eggrolls anymore, I just want the moment to end. My heartbeat rattled my eyes like a Muppet’s, back in the day when muppeteers lived on uppers and downers. I said “nope nope nope nope, I gotta get outta here”, and stomped the accelerator, blasting the pre-owned Mazda 5 out of the drive through.
  2. Epic arrangements of songs-I saw a Black marching band do Jr. Gong’s “Welcome To Jamrock” and it made me tear up, back before I lost the ability to cry. It was like a mega-dose of goosebumps.
  3. When Mufasa dies. Everytime. Damn. Every damn time.
  4. Racism. “Emotional” doesn’t just mean “sad”. Intolerance-based hate in general, but definitely racism.
  5. Baby laughter.



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