Gossip is like sipping an empty tea cup-there’s nothing of value, and you suck. I especially suck when I gossip because I hate it-I have hurt people and been hurt by gossiping.

Why is it so alluring? I remember when I first joined the Air Force, if you weren’t a smoker, you wouldn’t be privy to the unguarded conversations had during smoke breaks. It would almost be a smart career choice to take up smoking.

I haven’t smoked in years, and occasionally still crave a cigarette. I wish I could say the same about gossip.

I realized my last office’s specific dysfunction was asserting your group belonging by attempting to isolate others. This was most often done by gossip and alliance-forming, but just as often by hoarding information and intimidation. I did not care for it, and tried to abstain. There were times I benefitted from being “inside”. It was gross. I am very glad I’m no longer there. Getting ahead wasn’t based on achievement or merit, but by making others look bad.Eventually people left, and new people came in. The toxicity of the environment mellowed.

I’m writing my own ticket. I am declaring a Do-Over. In my next career, I will not gossip or tolerate it. I don’t need it, and it won’t make me happy, healthy, or rich. It won’t make me a better coworker or contribute to a good work environment. I don’t need it.




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