Closure/Sweet Freedom

Yesterday I had a small going away luncheon. A few of my coworkers came, and we ate Hawaiian and talked and joked. It was nice. Leaving jiu jitsu and church was bittersweet (blog posts forthcoming), but this is different. You’re supposed to leave in the military, right? It felt good, and I don’t think I have any unresolved loose ends. I’m 34, and have been in the military for 15 years. It’s nearly half my life. I’ve had some good times and some unrelentingly awful times. It’s been punctuated with interesting situations and long periods of stagnant boredom. I’ve learned a lot, and met amazing people. Also, a few reprehensible jerks, but they taught me things, too.

Today I shaved my 2-week beard off, went to my old desk, checked my Air Force email for the last time, and set Hamlet’s soliloquy as my auto-reply/away message. By checked my email, I mean I deleted thousands of emails I won’t need ever again. Tomorrow, I will sign out of the base, throw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore as I leave the personnel office, and blare Michael McDonald’s Sweet Freedom as loud as I can from my truck’s sound system.
That’s it. We’re done. I’m done. I’m driving home tothe home we sold (closed yesterday!) and we’re hitting the road to Albuquerque.

Selah will ride with me, and we’re going to have fun. She’s been getting in to punk rock, and we’ll listen to music and eat road food and talk. Lindsay will drive the littles, I’m driving a U-haul and trailering my truck.

This is really happening, like really really.

I’ve started writing poems again. I wrote a sestina-it seemed like a challenge, and I enjoyed it.

I like where this is going.


One thought on “Closure/Sweet Freedom

  1. I’m so happy for all of you. David as you already know, I am extremely proud of you! Prayers are with you now as you embark on this next part of your exciting journey. I love you all!


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