I have about 6 weeks until I start my job. I joked for a few years that when I got out of the military, my plans were 1) Beard 2) Hammock 3) Comic Books.

There’s some truth to this, I want to relax after 15 years, but I’m not going to waste this opportunity. I’m also not going to use an alarm clock.

We have a tentative idea to do some traveling, which is always interesting.

I have one more class for my Associate’s degree. I can CLEP it, but I need to brush up. I purchased an online study program, and will study intently until I feel I’m ready. I think that’s a decent way to invest this pause.

I’m going to write, a lot. I’ve been writing mostly poetry lately, I’m working on a chapbook. Anyway, my classes are over, and I can’t take classes next semester- I have to wait until after August, when my GI Bill kicks in. For now, I can read and write as much as I like.

Since we’re renting a home, I don’t have home improvement projects. I’m pretty stoked about this. It also frees up time for sports and hobbies. I’m going to be more focused and consistent with my yoga practice. I found a promising school which has an inexpensive starter package. There’s also bjj, and I’ve wanted to take up skateboarding again. I want to draw with the kids and work on carving and block printing. I want to make kimchi and kombucha. I made cold brew coffee today for the first time, it was easy, and I enjoyed the final product. We finally have a gas stove again, so I’ll be making use of it.

I’m looking forward to this. I’m not going to spend 6 weeks drunk on the couch. I don’t want my schedule to be jam-packed. I want to get to know the area, spend my time doing meaningful things, and enjoy my freedom.

It’s possible this might be my last summer vacation until I retire, I’m going to milk it. In the mornings I’ve been going outside with my coffee, taking my shirt off, and basking in the sun as I watch the world wake up. I breathe and listen to the birds. I am happy.





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