I’ve been making cold-brew coffee a lot. If I knew it was so simple and produced a mellow, delicious beverage, I would have started making it forever ago. It’s nice in the (oppressively  hot) afternoons, where hot coffee would be perhaps unwise.

We took a trip to Santa Fe a few days ago-it was wonderful. The city is beautiful, as is the area. Of course, it’s a more well-heeled city, so it was without a lot of the decay and charm. I know we’ll be visiting frequently. I could live there, but I’m still stoked on ABQ. Tonight boasted a ridiculous Lisa Frank sunset, which my phone camera didn’t attempt to do justice.

I’m still working on my poetry chapbook. I’m aiming for 35 poems, and I’m a little more than halfway there. I want them to be fresh and in the moment, so I’m not using older work. I’m choosing to not include spoken-word stuff from my first foray into that scene. I am making sure I put a fair amount of effort into the project, but I need to make sure I don’t filter myself too much. It’s my first one. I need to publish it and move on. Well, then I have to sell them, but after that, move on.

I realized I have not had a real conversation in about a month. Moving from Ogden to Albuquerque at the same time I left the military was a drastic, but welcome change. Even unfollowing military and Ogden-specific Facebook pages was exciting. Since then, I’ve been focused on making camp here-changing over insurance, new driver’s license, all that jazz. I haven’t connected with anyone here, and besides brief exchanges in stores and stuff, I haven’t talked to anyone who isn’t in my immediate family.

I don’t feel isolated or disconnected. I know it will come, but I kind of wish I could fast-forward to it. Once I get into a routine it will happen, but I am appreciating being free of the tyranny of razors and alarm clocks.

This not shaving or having good conversations is a waypoint, not a destination. It is simply where I am now, and I embrace it.







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