I should blog more.

“Should” is one of those words. It’s not shall. I like to say “don’t should on yourself”, because 1) poop joke, and 2) it’s true. Just as it’s true that I should blog more.

The truth of the matter is that I haven’t made it a priority. An impromptu job search after an unexpected layoff, lingering injuries-it’s tough. It will always be tough, there will never be an ideal time to do anything- I need to be mindful of this and act.

More often than not, when I sit down to write, I am working on a piece of writing for a website or a book, and this blog isn’t my first choice. I moved from Blogger to WordPress a little over 2 years ago, and I haven’t regretted the move. I have been hands-off for a while. I had a story, Gilbert Y Maria, appear in a literary journal a few weeks ago, which was nice. I’m going to keep writing and submitting. I won’t post a lot of fiction online so I can submit it as unpublished work.

I think this is a season of collaboration. A friend started an apparel company, and one of their designs says “Resist/Create/Collaborate.” It’s awesome and you should buy it.

In 3 consecutive days, I’ve entered into 3 creative partnerships in which friends and I can benefit from each other’s energy and creative gifts to produce a greater work. It seems my (long) period of feeling isolated may be ending, at least creatively. I look forward to it. All 3 projects are creatively challenging, and things I haven’t exactly done before.

I enjoy being alive and awake much more when I’m actively living and being creative, and I’m looking forward to walking in that.







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