I had to launch an author’s website, www.davidguba.com, so between than, writing, and school, I haven’t been focusing on ABA. My apologies.

Today is my 1-year anniversary of leaving the military, or as I call it, when I was promoted from American Sergeant to English Major. I don’t regret leaving the service. I am still disappointed the AF didn’t pay me to get out and take that job I landed in Hawaii. If I had gotten out, though, I never would have gone to Utah, which I loved.

I did some travel last week, to Detroit for a training class. I did some travel and photography, which you can view on my  Instagram. I wasn’t able to get good pics, but I went to a hardcore show. Bloodclot features Jon Joseph from the Cro-Mags, Nick from Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age, and Todd Youth. They played well, opening for Negative Approach. The audience didn’t crowdkill/hardcore dance, favoring a more traditional circle pt/push moshing. I had fun with it, twerking, pirouetting, making alligator jaws with my arms. I miss hardcore.

I’m taking some vacation time this week-we all need to catch up on sleep, and I’m looking forward to getting my nutrition back on track. Yoga, jiu jitsu, crossfit, maybe a few Muay Thai sessions if I can swing it.

I found out I have 2 more semesters to finish my degree than I thought, but that’s okay. It means I’ll start my Master’s a month later. Whatever.

What’s up with you?


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A Temporary Denouement

After the hustle leading up to Easter, it’s nice to have a bit of a slowing-down forecasted. The kids will be on spring break, I’ll have a week between semesters, and I’m taking a few days off from work. I’m anticipating sleeping closer to 8 hours a night, at least for a little while. Perhaps I’ll even be able to read a few books.

Things are winding down at work as well, as I hand off responsibilities. I want to leave the Air Force well, and have closure. The tradition is to have a luncheon. Since my departure is almost like a retirement, after almost fifteen years of service, I know my co-workers want to do something big. I’ve never been one for parties in my honor, but I am willing to go through with it for them. I do get to ask the machinists to make something for me, which is cool. When I left my previous base they made me a pair of brass knuckles which doubles as a bottle opener.

I know my next job will be challenging, that the grass isn’t always greener,and perhaps I’m projecting too much-but I’m really looking forward to this change. My stress levels are lower. I feel hopeful. I make a practice of gratitude, but it typically starts out as being a bit forced, whereas now it’s spontaneous and flowing. My mood has been stable. I don’t feel like eating junk food all the time.

I know they won’t connect to it now, but I hope in the future my kids will understand why I left the military, that it wasn’t easy, that it scared the shit out of me, but I did it anyway, because Who Dares Wins. I hope they internalize how I set goals, worked toward them, and achieved them. I hope they soak it up and learn from it for their own lives, which I’m pretty hopeful won’t turn out terrible.

Hope. Hope is something I haven’t consistently felt in about 2 years. It’s nice. When I was at my lowest, the most stunning aspect was the absence of hope. Perhaps I will also leave behind this tough season I’ve been weathering as I take off my uniform for the last time.






Embracing the grind?

Coming in hot for Motivational Monday, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Father’s Day went well, I felt celebrated, and got to spend quality time with the girls. 
My social circle…ahem…my social media circle…consists of, among others, Alpha-Males (which isn’t a real thing),  type-A personality folks- jiu jitsu, military, and crossfitters. Folks who call each other “bro” with absolute sincerity and have tribal tattoos.  These are my friends. So these people (mostly male) are constantly posting hackneyed motivational memes like the one below, which I dismissed as a dumb toughguy mantra.

I thought it akin to ‘keep on keepin’ on”- just move forward.  Accept that your life will suck. 


But I was wrong.  I  was thinking about the phrase and something just clicked for me.  That’s not embracing. An embrace is fond, close, intimate. “Embrace the grind” turns out to be a mature message- it could be restated as “Appreciate the circumstances which may cause you to thrive or fail based on your ingenuity and drive”.  That’s basically the concept behind this blog.
I like it.  I embrace it.  I embrace Embrace the grind.
And in the spirit of doing such- I’ve started a new project.  I don’t want to spill the beans too much, because my idea can easily be stolen, but I found a way to give back to the jiu jitsu community.  It will be a website that provides goods or services no one is currently furnishing.  I hope it becomes the default landing page for people in a specific situation.
That’s all I can really share, I’m playing my cards close to the vest because I think I’ve found something really good.  Sorry for all the mystery.
Really though-  I am very sorry for pick-up artist Mystery.  I’m sorry he has been able to cash in on insecurity and make a living exploiting people. 
To be clear, my circle also includes engineers, poets, mechanics, musicians, and many other great, amazing people who are more than their job or hobby.

Also, I’m transitioning my blog hosting to wordpress- their interface, hosting tools, commenting-everything is much more akin to my style.  It plays nicer with twitter and facebook. In fact, when I started this blog  (which started as a free blogger blog, until bought a domain with money from selling stuff I found at Goodwill on Ebay)  I had a synchronized version of the blog on wordpress, so it’s already set up, I just have to change my domain hosting account and import my most recent content.   My links, facebook page, twitter, medium.com info will not change.  I think this will be a big step in me being able to produce content on a more frequent basis. 

And that’s what this is all about.