We pulled in to Albuquerque late Sunday morning. That night, we had a brief storm after an amazing lightning show. Our furniture was delivered and internet connected on Monday. We’ve been unpacking and arranging and cleaning, and it’s starting to look like people live here.

It’s fantastic to sleep in my own bed again, after sharing an air mattress for a few weeks.

Here’s  the thing- we came here with a plan dream. I declared a do-over. We left steady employment in an okay place with AWESOME people for a place where I know only 1 person , without a job solidly lined up, and not a lot of options, but a great deal of hustle topped with a patina of wishes. We knew the way we were living our lives in Utah was unsustainable.

Tonight we sat on the deck, looking at the pastel Southwestern sunset. We listened to the wind gently rattle leaves, to doves cooing sonnets to each other, to crickets. We watched the crescent moon rise. Magic was all around us.

People often respond “living the dream” when asked “How are you?”

I am really living my dreams. In real life. For real.

I got offered the exact dollar amount I had in mind for what seems like The World’s Best Job.

My house/neighborhood is awesome.

There are bad things, to be sure, like grievances with the moving company, and the  oppressive heat which is making my hair do WEIRD things, and I think my truck is going to die soon, but I am content. I do not recall the last time things felt “right”.

I’m looking forward to meeting people, and carving out a routine, but I am grateful. I’m still not used to this- I am not used to nice things happening to me. I am used to being the purveyor of nice, or feeling stuck in the security line between circles of Hell.

We’ll continue to feather our nest and explore this strange city. I am truly astonished this is all coming together, after years of scheming and talking hypothetically through insomnia. We are building the rad lives we’ve wanted to live for a long time, and I’m stoked to the max.



It’s after 10pm, and I’m just catching my breath. My head has felt like it’s inhabited by a swarm of bees all day, because I’ve needed to write.

However, Dear Reader, I won’t be giving you my best. I don’t feel bad about it, because it’s for good reasons:

  1. I’m in the home stretch for this semester, so I have a final paper due in a few days
  2. I’m doing Movember and writing about it elsewhere,
    And biggest of all,
  3. I’m doing NaNoWriMo

I tried to do NaNoWriMo back in 2011, but it just didn’t work. I took great notes about characters and locations and plot points and snippets of dialogue. When I sat down to write, it was stiff and clunky. I tried it again this past year with no progress, then my laptop died, and so on. It’s a book I think I might not have the skill/experience to write yet. It’s a book I envision myself reading more than writing.

So for this year, I’m working on a story that kind of just flowed out organically. It’s funny to me, and it seems stiff, and I’m writing too much of myself into the main character, but it’s a first draft, this is permissible as long as I get it on the page. I can make it readable and cohesive later.

Please follow along:  http://nanowrimo.org/participants/ddguba/novels/siempre-gilbert